Month: March 2017

That’s one naughty Sausage

Motion Graphics Designer Occasionally FireBoxRazor are asked about character animation, not often but it does come around once or twice a year for video promotion. Motion Graphics Animation Our skill base enables us to bring our skill set to animated characters, it is a difficult area when we are all used to multi million pound

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Video Production & Motion Graphics in Leeds

Marketing Agencies in Leeds We are looking to take on more work from marketing agencies who need to outsource for digital advertising, with motion graphics and or video production. We work from your creative storyboards or we offer a full service. Get in touch if you want to speak to me directly. Life in motion!

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You don’t need Video Production, do you?

Wow, did he just say Video Production is not the King of moving Advertising? Well actually yes, don’t get me wrong Video Production is at the heart and sole of a vast number of productions we create for clients’ but it does not cover the whole picture. I have realized over the years many people

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