Animated Character Design for Advertising

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Animated Character Design

Animated character design is wonderful and it is only truly possible with cutting-edge Motion Graphics. We have all seen the wonderful films by Pixar and Disney and lost ourselves in the wonderful worlds they create, with rich stories and interesting visuals. Unless your budget is 100$ million dollars then this level of animation is beyond our reach, however, there is a place for affordable corporate productions to use animated characters and cell shaded 2d effect effectively.

It’s hip, it’s now

In the advertising industry certain styles come and go, and currently, a flat shaded effect is very popular, this includes using characters to help portray and tell your message for advertising. Generalised features for these characters work well, with a less is more ideal on screen. As social media pushes animated gifs for short snappy eye-catching snippets, character based motion graphics work extremely well.

With no video plug in, these files are small, easily shareable and will play on any format both pc, osx and ipads and mobiles.

Fireboxrazor can design, storyboard and help you achieve this look and feel, it’s cool, it’s now, it’s effective.

Fireboxrazor can advise, and help you with concepts and design, and we will help you along every step of the way. There are many different styles of animation and characters which can be tailored to your marketing and branding needs. Creating a set of videos really adds to the impact of the visual medium.

The first step we use is to lock in a colour set, this will be used throughout the series of videos, from that stage we work on creating a look and feel before moving on to storyboards.
After that stage is complete we move on to creation and animation, audio and sound effects will further bring these video to life. Audio is not possible for animated gifs so this is something to bare in mind.
Get in touch and let’s get you moving with animated characters and motion graphics advertising for your next digital promotional production.