Brother Europe – Label Machine

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Getting sticky with Brother Europe.

Brother Europe were looking for a really quick, short video that promoted their label printing capabilities. The video needed to show various products that their labels could be used for, from packages to envelopes, cd boxes to filing systems. This animated motion graphics piece was going to placed on the usual social media platforms. Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

The video needed to be short, sharp and to the point. Consequently, Motion graphics were the preferred choice by our client, using static images, labels were placed on each item before animation began digitally. Music played a key part here, finding the right music both in tone and feel was crucial and became the longest part of the production. Searching through thousands of music libraries was time-consuming but worth it.

As a result, this was an effective means of advertising Brother Europe’s label machine, not every production needs to be overly complicated or over 2 mins to be effective.