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Recycling with the HUB and UKWSL using Motion Graphics.


We were asked to produce an animated motion graphics video to help advertise UKWSL. UKWSL were a recycling company and wanted to advertise their services.

They knew from the start that it was to be an animated video, showing recycling was not the most visually friendly means, so a motion graphics video from the start was chosen used with a series of simple characters to highlight different areas of their business. We worked with the Backroom Agency who designed and worked alongside UKWSL to finalise storyboards and tell their story.

Our input was to create the animations from static stills.

Motion Graphics are cost effective, affordable and really work well across a wide differing range of advertising mediums. Video Production has it’s place, but animated videos are easily updated, with new branding guidelines, and even changing a  CTA is a simple process. Consider other mediums over video production for your next production and let us work alongside you and show you how easy we make the process.