10 Ten reasons why Motion Graphics are a fantastic advertising medium.

Animation and Motion Graphics effectiveness.

Motion Graphics and Animation are a brilliant advertising medium there really is nothing that can touch it for versatility. Motion Graphics are all around us, you may not notice it but it is literally everywhere. It is mixed in with nearly all TV and online advertising, it works, it’s effective and most importantly it’s cost effective.

Marketers know the power of Animation and Motion Graphics, from snazzy intros, and logo reveals to full blown productions.

Here are 10 reasons why Motion Graphics work.

  1. Cost-effective – Animation and Motion Graphics are generally produced with very small teams, in fact, many designers work alone, from initial concepts to delivery. This keeps the costs down compared to Video Production with multiple crews.
  2. Endless Possibilities – There are no limits when it comes to Motion Graphics and animation, no locations are needed, want a flying elephant? need to fly around the moon? want your branding on a drink can? want a character to jump around, there are no limits.
  3. Never get old – Your productions will be current and fresh and easily updated.
  4. Engaging – It’s exciting and entertaining, no static dull interviews or bland locations.  Be as exciting as you want, life in motion is beautiful.
  5. Quick visual communication – Industries like banking, data processing and businesses that have a hard time communicating all benefit from Motion Graphics.
  6. Memorable – Messaging and higher recall for your target audience.
  7. Brings life – Graphics and music can change, pace and emotion in a variety of different styles.
  8. Does your speaking for you – Not everybody enjoys speaking in front of a camera, or your premises are not camera friendly, Motion Graphics solve this issue instantly.
  9. Rebrands – Motion Graphics can be updated to follow your latest brand, refresh or change your call to action easily, very adaptable to changes and current trends.
  10. Boosts sharing – Small fast paced animated gifs and videos have been shown to be more effective that larger corporate videos. Motion Graphics are the perfect medium for this, and for sharing on social media.

Of course, no video will be effective without understanding your audience, with more and more videos out there every day, your videos need to be engaging and direct to the point. This comes with experience and a Motion Designer who knows the latest trends and styles will really help sell your products and services.

Finally, check out this animated video we created for Promenta, a difficult subject matter meant they needed to show their customers the benefit of using their SAP service, this could have been achieved with live video, but with so many data sheets and screens of information, Motion Graphics helped bring it to life and brought a colourful message to their production.

If you are looking to breathe life into your next production and would like to talk to us about how we can help you with an animated video, get in touch on the details below. We make the process from beginning to end simple.

Andy Lunn – Creative Director – Animator.

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