Cv’s don’t mean jack to us. Bury them.

Ping Pong

As a business owner I get bombarded with cv’s constantly asking for placements and job opportunities. Lets me get this straight out of the gate, we don’t care for cv’s nor do we care if you play ping pong twice a week.

I would never offer a placement with FireBoxRazor based on a cv.

Personality, attitude and talent are key for a creative industry, so you worked for a swanky London agency? you have been a senior creative for 5 agencies, or your a fresh faced newcomer with only two years under your belt, both of these talent sets to me are the same.

We always respond to anyone who applies for a position with us, with feedback on how to improve their chances or alternative opportunities for our competitors. Those who will continue and insist on sending in cv’s .. here is one tip.


This is your one chance to make an impression, to make us go wow.. clever.. creative.. different. These are the type of people who we need in this industry to stop the stale bread hitting the bin.

So forget your cv, don’t turn up wearing a tie, be yourself, be different, stand out.

R.I.P the C.V loved for far too long. 2016

Andy Lunn
Creative Director