Virtual Reality – Visiting Leeds.

Virtually Speaking

Virtual Reality has been been around for a while now, and new tech makers are bringing there version of headsets and controllers to the market. For us at FireBoxRazor we settled on the HTC Vive, out of all the version we tried this was the headset of choice, the ability to have hand controllers and the way you can walk around within your vr space was way beyond what any of the other competitors could achieve.

Our Creative Director bought the head set for games to enable us to keep up to date with current tech and gauge if there was any opportunities to offer our digital advertising services commercially within vr.

Admittedly it has not been used very often, we feel the tech is just not there yet and the public reception for VR and marketing has been luke warm, VR has it’s strongest grasp in the games world.  When Google Earth announced they were bringing their app to VR we jumped at the chance to try it, and wow it’s incredible, an amazing example of how vr can be used, the opportunities here for education, or virtual visits are endless. So many areas and applications where this could be used, but we will leave that for a future video.

In the meantime, enjoy Andy our Creative Director jumping in and flying around Leeds and giving his thoughts and feedback on Google Earth and it’s VR implementation.. Amazing.

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