That’s one naughty Sausage

Motion Graphics Designer

Occasionally FireBoxRazor are asked about character animation, not often but it does come around once or twice a year for video promotion.

Motion Graphics Animation
Our skill base enables us to bring our skill set to animated characters, it is a difficult area when we are all used to multi million pound projects from Pixar and Disney, but there is a way to bring characters to life. In a more simplistic way, using emotions and music alongside sound effects can really bring a video production to life.

While I personally had some down time in between projects I decided to try something ridiculous, how about a Sausage riding a Skateboard with a laser gun! stupid I know, but it shows the power of where motion graphics can surpass video production.

Is it possible with pure video? sure. But the results would be a completely different look and feel, each has it’s strengths and weaknesses.
Below are a few motion graphics animation examples using characters.



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Andy – Creative Director