Attention spans are short, and in our over saturated world of digital advertising, one medium helps to stick its head above the sand. Motion Graphics are different to traditional video based adverts, they offer eye grabbing ways of movement to engage and connect with audiences.

Why choose Motion Graphics and what makes it a unique marketing too?

Motion Graphics engage your audience and craft a narrative that speaks directly to your audience. Our brains interpret information 60,000 times faster than reading text, and over 90% of that stimulus is visual based. By using beautiful colourful images, with sound effects and music, you have one powerful selling tool.

Different uses for Motion Graphics

The art of visual information telling and the capabilities of Motion Graphics are endless, from product selling, to promotion, from training, and explainer videos, the medium is versatile enough to have a great impact no matter what sector or business chooses to base it’s advertising with Motion Graphics over traditional film based videos.

The difference between an impactful and unsuccessful Motion Graphic video?

Knowing your audience is the most important factor when choosing your video style. What age bracket are they? what do they respond to? where will it be seen? would a more straight laced approach be suitable, or more character based and cartoony. Knowing your audience is a major factor in this first step decision.

How can Motion Graphics complement a business’s marketing strategy?

By integrating Motion Graphics into your marketing strategy you enable one of the most effective ways for a business to not only increase awareness but also overall engagement of your product or services.

Top 5 areas Motion Graphics improve on:

Conversion Rates

Stickyness of your website

Clickthrough rates

Social shares


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