We like to Move it, Motion Graphics!

Move over – Motion Graphics are here.

With online stats showing people are spending over a 1/3 of their time online watching video content on the web and more people prefer to watch a video over reading text there comes a choice between video and motion graphics for your advertising and promotion.

Why use Motion Graphics?
Could you turn the moon into Cheese? could you make an Elephant bounce? would you want to?

Well you could if you wanted too, the opportunities are endless. It gives you such a wide freedom or expression and creativity, something that pure video could never hope to achieve.

Costs involved in Motion Graphics are decreased over traditional video shoots as the people involved is smaller (usually 1 or 2) there is no need for location fees, actors, lighting, sound issues, and Motion Graphics bring you a multitude of choices for style, pace, colour, and opportunities to amend and change elements at later dates, new graphics, wording, branding etc.

What to look for?
When look for when choose a Production house that specialises, look for experience, look through their portfolio of work, do they specialise in just 1 style and industry? are they creative across a wide range of clients. Having a background in Graphic Design is a must as knowledge of typography, branding and composition are all key elements to getting the most for clients needs.

Typical uses for Motion Graphics

Explainer videos
Corporate videos
Exhibition display stands
Product demonstrations
Show openers
Reception screen
Digital signage
Mixed with real video
Motion tracking
Animated logos
TV Show Openers

Becasue Motion Graphics rock, we love working it, and so do our clients.
If you would like further information on how we can help you advertise with Video and Motion Graphics and how simple we make the process for you to advertise your business and products, contact me directly on hello@FireBoxRazor.video or visit our website www.fireboxrazor.video

Andy – Creative Director
Somebody get that Elephant on a pogo stick please.. Cut.