The power of Moving Advertising is understated

Could there be a better advertising, marketing medium?

Our background was in the advertising sector, and this I feel has helped us create video and motion graphics that are not only visually rich but hold a graphic design standard that many production houses lack.  The connection between graphic design and moving medium is obvious, they are combined one of the most powerful means to get your message, brand, or product in front of millions viewers.

Marketing plays a huge role in the aftercare of your new shiny production, this cannot be more reinforced, placing your video on the web and hoping for lots of referrals simply wont happen, you need a way to monitor returns and analytics if you truly want to see what’s working and whats not, but that is for a future topic.

If you needed a reminder of the power of video and motion graphics advertising have a look at some of the following stats and figures, it makes very interesting reading.