You don’t need Video Production, do you?

Wow, did he just say Video Production is not the King of moving Advertising?

Well actually yes, don’t get me wrong Video Production is at the heart and sole of a vast number of productions we create for clients’ but it does not cover the whole picture.

I have realized over the years many people do not know the fantastic opportunities animation and motion graphics have as a stand alone over video production, or the difference between animation and motion graphics promotion, in fact, I see these titles mixed into many designers toolbox skill sets frequently furthering the confusion.

For FireBoxRazor it comes down to this;

Animation: This is usually character based and is used to tell a story or showcase a product in a personal way. It engages based on a characters experiences and emotions.

Motion Graphics: Are the core of all things moving, they give us the ability to bring any subject matter to life, they integrate with music, and sound effects and are occasionally locked into corporate guidelines and branding with fonts and logos. They are in a word, ‘Freedom’.

But isn’t video the best solution for our promotional needs?

Video production was King, but it’s motion graphics and animation that allow total freedom of creativity, anything imaginable is possible, and we mean anything. Motion graphics are slick, sexy and can be branded, updated, and changed easily.

Motion Graphics productions cost less generally. Most studios have 1 talented animator with a background in advertising and graphic design vs an average film production crew of 3-4 people. Certain productions simply work better in motion graphics, vibrant, colorful and eye-catching, it’s the perfect medium for online advertising.

So what is the process?

So as a client you need to promote your services, products or business online/offline via web video, you want something eye catching, free flowing with movement. FireBoxRazor will discuss with you a basic overview of what you are looking for, what your needs are and the best solution to achieving this.

Have you seen other productions on the web you like, is there a style or mood you want to portray? what information must be included? do you require music, a voice over or script writing?

We can help you with each of these stages. many people believe the process is complicated in, reality it isn’t.

The next stage will be to produce style sheets, these will be mocked up to give you an idea and flavor of what art direction suits your production needs best, and work up any relevant storyboards. We encourage our clients’ to input as much or as little as they want.

Once storyboards are approved, we will approve a budget and production will begin, we will keep you up to date on schedules and timescales before delivery. It’s a true and tested process and it simply works. It’s why we love to create motion graphics and why our clients’ keep coming back for more. Video production may have been King but there is a new challenger to the throne, move over for motion graphics.

It’s a moving world out there, it’s a world of moving media.

Andy Lunn – Creative Director – FireBoxRazor – Video & Motion Graphics Leeds.